D-41 (HO)


The Fig. D-41 direct pressure operated Industrial Oil Nozzle will spray oils having an operating viscosity as high as 100 SSU with liquid pressure of 200-250 psi., depending upon the capacity size—the smaller the capacity, the higher the pressure required. Will handle Bunker”C” oil if heated to about 180° to 200° with 200 psi pressure.

Tips and Discs are case hardened and lapped for proper seating and should not be transposed. Each matched Tip and Disc combination is identified by a letter stamped on each part so the customer can always determine mating parts.

Nozzles are always rated and stamped for capacity on No. 2 fuel oil at 100 psi. If order so specifies (and at a nominal extra charge), nozzles can be tested for spray angle and spray quality on either No. 2 or 100 SSU operating viscosity oil at pressures of either 200, 250 or 300 psi.* Flow rates in the table are based on No. 2 fuel oil of 34 SSU viscosity at 100°F. On 100 SSU viscosity oil, flow rates will increase about 10% over No. 2 oil rating.

*When so tested, the spray angle test pressure is stamped on the nozzles. If tested on 100 SSU oil, the nozzles are stamped “D-41-HO”.


Specify Quantity, Capacity Size, Pipe Size Connection (1/2″ or 3/4″ NPT), Spray Angle desired (Can be furnished in 10° steps from minimums shown in chart to 100° maximum), Operating Pressure available and whether to be tested on No. 2 oil or 100 SSU oil. If not otherwise specified, nozzles will be tested only on No. 2 oil at 100 psi.



  • Material: Please ask us for more information.
  • Spray Angle: The spray patterns (i.e. hollow cone or solid cone) described below refer to the tests carried out with a 60° angle at a75 mm distance from the nozzle orifice. In nozzles of a 60° spray angle or less, and forlow flows in particular, the empty section of a hollow cone becomes smaller. The difference between hollow cone and solid cone practically disappears.
  • Pipe Connection: 1/2″ or 3/4″ NPT
  • Drawing, Capacity:


    • 7-6-3-2
    • 7-6-3-3

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