Special Applications

August 01, 2017


We design and develope custom Nozzles with custom Spray Patterns for a wide range of applications. Feel free and ask us for your special application!


Showers, Tanning, Poultry Desinfection, Grey water, Cereal Flavoring + Nutrients, Food Applications, Bakery, Icing, Fillings, Poultry growth, Humidity control, Powerstream generators, Global supplier for GE, METHANOL INJECTION FOR RACECARS, Alcohol / Methan, Increasement of horsepower and torque, Diesel Injection for trucks, RV, farm equipment

Building Testing

Curtain wall leakage, Spray rack coverage, Window Certification, Dust surpression


Car and Truck Washing, Carpet steaming, Manifold degreasing


Asphalt spraying, Line painting, Weed kill

Custom designs

Reptile / Crocodile, Butterfly, Rain forest, Cool zones - amusement parks, Patio cooling, Insect repel, Special effects, Cooling towers, Snow making canons, Hog cooling, Automotive, Dust surpression, Fire halon spray


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